Fresh Classes

Power Hour

This is a full vinyasa class, I would say its level 2, however you can always try and do what ever you can do! remember childspose is always an option, not only in a live class but with us at The Fat Yogis too! We will start easy, waking up, and moving the body for […]

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Morning Express: Front & Back

We start on the floor and (almost) always and build up to a gentle flow focusing on the front and the back of the body, with nourishment and structure. We finish with a meditation awakening sushumna, the energy channel that rises from the tail bone towards the top of the head.

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Assisted Yin

This is a routine taught by our teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley designed to offer some of the yin benefits while working with a partner. It can be very relaxing and beneficial, both for experienced yogis who feel they can surrender completely to absolute beginners who can just relax and be worked upon. There are […]

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We are a cooperative of people who have been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for a long time. And the more we do it, the more we love it.

We love teaching in our studio, in our teacher training programs, our retreats and workshops. This platform started as a way of giving our students the possibility of taking these practices home with them, and has since grown into a small community of people experiencing in their own lives the many and surprising ways in which yoga can improve, enrich and brighten every single day of our lives, come rain or shine.

The set-up is simple: no-nonsense, no frills. It’s like you’re taking a class with us, and as you know in real life the light is not always perfect and your pants don’t always stay in place.

Our challenge and mission is to shine the light even when we are awkward or uncomfortable, feeling insecure or feeling fat. Then we can become true warriors of compassion and joy.


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