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This is a shorter yin practice designed to reconnect ourselves to our own inner intelligence and wisdom. Placing the focus on the liver and gall bladder meridians we use the poses to gently irrigate the body with new energy and calmness.

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What are chakras and why should we care?

This is an attempt explore the possibility that chakras may not be as far-fetched as we normally think. Science gives us an entrance, but it cannot – yet – take us all the way, so some open mindedness is definitely required. It is my experience that the reward is definitely worth it, as chakra explorations […]

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The Fourth Limb: Prana is not breath but what makes us breathe

Pranayama is not the same as breathing exercises but they are definitely related. After exercising our nirodha on our outer life – our social behaviour with yamas and niyamas and our physical body with asana – we now fine tune our efforts and direct them to more subtle territory.

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We are a cooperative of people who have been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for a long time. And the more we do it, the more we love it.

We love teaching in our studio, in our teacher training programs, our retreats and workshops. This platform started as a way of giving our students the possibility of taking these practices home with them, and has since grown into a small community of people experiencing in their own lives the many and surprising ways in which yoga can improve, enrich and brighten every single day of our lives, come rain or shine.

The set-up is simple: no-nonsense, no frills. It’s like you’re taking a class with us, and as you know in real life the light is not always perfect and your pants don’t always stay in place.

Our challenge and mission is to shine the light even when we are awkward or uncomfortable, feeling insecure or feeling fat. Then we can become true warriors of compassion and joy.


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