Fascia – Our True Matrix

Writing a blog post about fascia is like writing a blog post about water. Where do you start? There are so many aspects to this tissue: anatomical, physiological, movement-related, energetic, embryological and spiritual . A couple of blog posts will not suffice, so I’m going to share some basics with you and if you’re keen to hear more, there is a lot of really interesting material available online. I will provide a few links for you to explore, and a recommendation of two great documentaries at the end.

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The Fat Yogis - Stress - Our Most Valuable Villain

Stress: the Good Villain

He may be one of the biggest villains of our time. Mean, undesirable and bad in every way. He’s responsible for much of our suffering; be it physical, emotional or mental. Mostly a combination of all three. Science warns about its harmful effects and innumerable therapies, medicines, strategies and products have claimed to fight this villain effectively. Stress: the less we have of it the better.

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves - blog by Anat Geiger on The Fat Yogis

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

“Biological behaviour can be controlled by invisible forces, including thought, as well as it can be controlled by physical molecules like penicillin.”

Bruce Lipton

This quote was not taken from a yoga or alternative medicine book, but from an author with a PhD in Biology, someone who spent most of his adult life within the standard academic circles. His insights into New Biology came later in life, fuelled by his own personal struggle with finding fulfilment, satisfaction and, ultimately, love. Bruce Lipton has written a book called The Biology of Belief, which I am reading right now and highly recommend for the slightly geeky among you and those who don’t want to take my word for it.

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To Change the World, You Need to Change Yourself

Practice makes perfect. That’s what we all heard when learning to ride a bike, to play an instrument or to master a pose. The first time you try it seems hopeless, there are just too many things you have no control over: coordination, balance, rhythm, strength. Yet somehow you keep trying and trying and there is a day where you stay upright on the bike, you play a song, you do a handstand. It wasn’t there until it was.

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Yoga Philosophy is Not What You Think

Yoga Philosophy is Not What You Think

It is NOT: dusty, dry, intellectual, irrelevant, boring.

It IS: alive, juicy, inspiring and definitely relevant. And difficult. But not difficult because we need to learn difficult concepts, it’s difficult because we cannot study it with the intellect alone. Yoga philosophy is all about the heart and what moves it. So sometimes I write a blog and try to convince you to give it a chance.

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6 Questions: Commitment & Discipline

Who is who

Dr. Martijn Groenink Sammels: 54, former life science researcher (PhD), currently a dentist 

Pascalle Paerel: 29, former Dutch National Ballet dancer, currently a model agency owner (The Fashion Composers) 

Tristan P. Rose: 35, former Australian soldier (Afghanistan veteran), currently a deep sea commercial diver and yoga & meditation facilitator for Australian veterans and first responders 

Anna Dukhanina: 35, currently a yoga studio owner & teacher

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Stick To It: The Importance of Commitment and Discipline

“Nothing beautiful comes without some suffering” 

The Dalai Lama

There is no way around it: to make anything worthwhile happen, including all the great intentions we have set for the new year – some degree of effort will be necessary. When I say effort, I actually mean the two words that tend to make so many of us cringe “discipline” and “commitment”.

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Meditation 101: Tips and Tricks

As Anat pointed out in Stillness and Meditation: the Most Important Work, it’s not easy to start a meditation practice. You have your mind set that you are going to start, and then after a few times (or sometimes a few minutes) you can’t do it anymore. You are bored, its’ taking too long, your body hurts or you have 101 other things to do that are more important.

This is why we have written a follow up article to give you some tips and tricks that might help you to set up a steady meditation practice. Spoiler alert – it takes work! 

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The Science of Meditation: How to Change Your Brain, Mind and Body – Book Review

These days meditation can refer to a wide variety of practices and techniques, ranging from mindfulness to vipassana to chakra meditation. The benefits of these practices are becoming more evident as more and more research is being done in this field. The roots of meditation are in ancient spiritual practices, but some modern varieties (such as mindfulness) have been ‘secularized’ to make them accessible to a wider (western) public and are even being used in healthcare and the business world.

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TFY Book Review: “A Yogi’s Guide to Chakra meditation” by Paul Grilley

For the long time of its existence Chakra meditation was a secret practice of the tantric tradition. Speculations of how old this particular tradition varies between 1500 and 3000 years. As a time bar: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras were written approximately 2000 years ago.

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