The Fat Yogis interview Marijke Pfeiffer about energy

TFY 6 Questions – Marijke Pfeiffer on Energy

Marijke Pfeiffer has been an acupuncturist for the last 40 years and is co-founder of CIG Amsterdam and of TCMA, Traditional Chinese Medicine school in Amsterdam. In this interview Marijke talks about the different aspects of Chi, common Chi-related problems like low energy and burnout, and some of the things needed to keep your chi […]

6 Questions: Fascia

An interview with Dr. Jaap van der Wal Ph.D. Fascia isn’t just an arbitrary part of the body, fascia is a complex and vast communication network within the body that influences every aspect of our development – physical, emotional and spiritual. Marcel and Anat interview leading fascia expert and embryologist Dr. Jaap van der Wal. […]

Fascia – Our True Matrix

Fascia isn’t just an arbitrary part of the body, fascia is a complex and vast communication network within the body that influences every aspect of our development. Anat Geiger dares to scratch the surface in this latest blog post.

The Fat Yogis 6 Questions about stress - An interview with Gil Sol

6 Questions: Stress

An interview with Gil Sol Gil works as a Movement Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Neuroplasticity Coach, helping people develop control over their body and mind. You can find more information about Gils work on

The Stories We Tell Ourselves - blog by Anat Geiger on The Fat Yogis

The Stories We Tell

Anat explores the work of Dr Bruce Lipton to help provide evidence for what yoga philosophy has been saying for centuries: modern science is proving that the stories we tell ourselves ultimately will become our story if we don’t gain control over the mind.

To Change the World, You Need to Change Yourself

Practice makes perfect. That’s what we all heard when learning to ride a bike, to play an instrument or to master a pose. The first time you try it seems hopeless, there are just too many things you have no control over: coordination, balance, rhythm, strength. Yet somehow you keep trying and trying and there is a […]

Can A Jerk be a Yogi?

Those stories are now everywhere, even on Netflix: yoga teachers whose behavior is questionable, or downright wrong. They are dishonest and greedy, sexually aggressive and inappropriate, selfish and way too much into themselves.

6 Questions: Commitment & Discipline

Who is who Dr. Martijn Groenink Sammels: 54, former life science researcher (PhD), currently a dentist  Pascalle Paerel: 29, former Dutch National Ballet dancer, currently a model agency owner (The Fashion Composers)  Tristan P. Rose: 35, former Australian soldier (Afghanistan veteran), currently a deep sea commercial diver and yoga & meditation facilitator for Australian veterans and first responders  Anna Dukhanina: 35, currently […]

Meditation 101: Tips and Tricks

As Anat pointed out in Stillness and Meditation: the Most Important Work, it’s not easy to start a meditation practice. You have your mind set that you are going to start, and then after a few times (or sometimes a few minutes) you can’t do it anymore. You are bored, its’ taking too long, your […]

Yoga Philosophy: The Sutras of Patanjali

My take on yoga philosophy I was not immediately drawn to yoga philosophy. When I started my personal yoga path, as a 29-year old performer, I was mainly interested in the physical aspects of yoga practice- which was really weird, as I was interested in philosophy in general.

Are you your Body?

6 questions: To offer you (and ourselves) a broader perspective on the topic of body image, we reached out to friends of TFY: two yogis and two Gym goers/personal trainer and asked them to talk about their relationship with their own bodies and the judgements they make on other people’s bodies.