The Fat Yogis interview Marijke Pfeiffer about energy

TFY 6 Questions – Marijke Pfeiffer on Energy

Marijke Pfeiffer has been an acupuncturist for the last 40 years and is co-founder of CIG Amsterdam and of TCMA, Traditional Chinese Medicine school in Amsterdam.

In this interview Marijke talks about the different aspects of Chi, common Chi-related problems like low energy and burnout, and some of the things needed to keep your chi flowing.

One comment on “TFY 6 Questions – Marijke Pfeiffer on Energy

  • Yes! Yes! She’s still got it! The knowledge, the humor, the inspiration…6 years ago you made Marijke’s chi-talk part of the yin training, and I found it mind-blowing. Thank you for introducing her then, and giving her a stage now. This lady needs to be heard and listen to. For every change you need chi. Thank you Marijke.