Yoga Philosophy: The Sutras of Patanjali

My take on yoga philosophy I was not immediately drawn to yoga philosophy. When I started my personal yoga path, as a 29-year old performer, I was mainly interested in the physical aspects of yoga practice- which was really weird, as I was interested in philosophy in general.

Are you your Body?

6 questions: To offer you (and ourselves) a broader perspective on the topic of body image, we reached out to friends of TFY: two yogis and two Gym goers/personal trainer and asked them to talk about their relationship with their own bodies and the judgements they make on other people’s bodies.

We Are One But We Are Not The Same

Not even on the inside. This is a scientific fact: every bone in every body is different. Some differences are huge, some are minor. But they are big enough to create enormous variations in how our joints are put together, which in turn will determine how much movement each joint can create.