TFY 6 Questions – The Fat Yogis on Discomfort

This time we decided that instead of interviewing someone external, we ask each other some questions. Each one of us asked the others 1 question about discomfort and the result is here for you to watch.

3 comments on “TFY 6 Questions – The Fat Yogis on Discomfort

  • Thank you so much, these are the kinds of conversations you want to have with each other, with friends/family etc.

  • Thank you Anat, Marcel and Ehud. This was so open, so true, so honest, so authentic and so useful. I always tell my yogis that the way we feel discomfort in Yin yoga poses can learn us a lot about how to deal with discomfort in our life. Go with the flow, use the energie not to fight against discomfort but just trying to be with it, brought me a lot. I recognize what you say, especially the mental discomfort you are experiencing right now Anat, is for me an ongoing never ending proces of learning. Stay strong you all, hope to see or hear you again soon. xxHedwig

  • “When you vote for your own freedom, you may also be voting to limit that belonging to someone else” – nice one Marcel! What a great point. Thank you