TFY Home Retreat – Day Three: Sunday

The last day of our Home Retreat! We start the morning session meditating on the Manipura and Vishuddha chakras, which are related to certain meridians as Marcel will explain. Then we move around the spine in a Yang class with Ehud. Joe will offer us another Yin experiment – this time skipping the counter pose – to wrap this session up.

The afternoon/evening session will be opened by Anat’s detox yin class and closed with some breath exercises leading to a short meditation guided by Marcel.

Morning (about 115 minutes)

8:30 – Meditation on Manipura and Vishuddha Chakra, Charging Your Natural Defense – 20 min.

Manipura chakra has a relationship with the stomach and spleen meridians while Visuddha chakra has a relationship with the lung and large intestine meridians. Meditating on these two centers will help you to charge up your natural defense system, of it could help you to let go of things you hold on to much but aren’t really helpful in your life.

8:50 – Around the Spine – 80 min.

In this class we start slow, building up towards a strong flow, focussing on moving the spine in all directions. Lots of core and shoulders and lots of fun 🙂

10:10 – The No Counter Pose Experiment – 15 min.

Mostly, we do a pose and then a “counter pose” – for example, if we do a backbend, we will later do a forward bend. In this class we explore the possibility of not doing that. No counter pose. Want to give it a try?

Afternoon (about 65 minutes)

17:00 – Yin Detox – 50 min.

This class focuses on long held and passive twists, which will increase the blood flow to the fascia surrounding and supporting the organs. This gentle stimulation may help flush out toxins and increase the absorption of oxygen and nutrients, regenerating the whole system. In my experience, this is a great practice to improve our mood and overall well being. Surround yourself with props for support.

17:55 Pranayama and Meditation – 15 min.

In this class we use pranayama breath exercises to help to get more easily into meditation.

Please feel free to share how you’re getting on, your pleasures and struggles or anything else you want us to know by tagging @TheFatYogis using #TFYHomeRetreat