TFY Home Retreat – Day One: Friday

This is the first day of the Home Retreat and we open it calm and gentle. We let Anat take us in with a calming Yin class and a gentle chakra meditation. Enjoy 🙂

Evening (a little under 1.5 hours)

18:30 – Yin for calmness – 62 min.

To set the intention as we open the Home Retreat, Anat will take us through a calming yin class:

After all this time I am still amazed at how yoga can change our states – of mind, of heart and of body. This class is my go-to when I need to calm down and open up, get out of any chaos that might be disturbing me.

19:35 – Gentle Chakra Meditation – 20 min.

A gentle chakra meditation to close this first evening gently

This is a gentle way to start developing awareness in the chakras, using Nyasa, the technique of going through all the chakras with our attention, calmly and slowly.  Great for mornings, afternoons and evenings!

Please feel free to share how you’re getting on, your pleasures and struggles or anything else you want us to know by tagging @TheFatYogis and using #TFYHomeRetreat