TFY Home Retreat – Day Two: Saturday

We start our second day with a So Ham meditation led by Marcel, followed by a juicy yang class focussed on the glutes (buttock muscles) by Ehud. Closing the morning session is Joe with a little Yin experiment.

For the afternoon/evening session you might want to invite a partner (or maybe you have one joining you for the whole retreat). Marcel is offering the assisted Yin practice – a delicious way to completely melt in your yin practice and to give this gift to another. But don’t worry – if you have no partner or prefer to stay in solitude during the retreat, Marcel has a Yin class focussed on the spine just for you.

Morning (about 90 minutes)

8:30 – So Ham Meditation – 15 min.

So is the natural sound of the inhalation and Ham/Hum the natural sound of the exhale. Basically meaning “That I Am”.
The total duration of this practice is 15 minutes, in which we spend the longer part on the lower abdominal area, then moving up to the third eye, and into a short rebound.
If sitting on the floor is impossible for you you can sit on a chair as well!

8:45 – Get the Glutes – 60 min.

Starting slowly, we first massage the glutes (buttock muscles), then stretch them and them work them out. Get off your butt and work it out!

9:45 – The Asymmetric Experiment – 15 min.

The two sides of the body are asymmetrical at least a little… and sometimes a lot. Our bones are different between the sides, and we also use one side more for certain daily activities. These asymmetries are natural, and because of this, we might naturally find ourselves spending more time in a Yin Yoga pose on one side; we might also find it helpful to skip one side completely one day. Try it?

Afternoon/night (90/110 minutes)

17:00 – Option 1: Assisted Yin – 2 x 45 min.

This is a remake from Anat’s assisted yin yoga class all the way from the beginning of The Fat Yogis, she had Katrin assisting her while I have my friend Nuno assisting me, or… I apply assisted yin yoga on him!
For this class you need a partner, and we strongly suggest that you do this class on each other.

17:00 – Option 2: Yin for the Spine – 70 min.

In this class we do all kind of yin yoga poses to move the spine in all directions. You need a sturdy blanket or a thicker towel and a yoga block or big thick book. It’s important to move the spine, and move it in all directions it can move in. In our “static” daily lives we seem to lose our mobility, and this is causing all kind of physical inconveniences. So move, move in all directions, strengthen and stretch! have fun with this one.

18:10/18:30 – Yin & Yang Pranayama, Ox & Plough – 20 min.

A simple pranayama exercise exploring not so much lung capacity but the ability to follow and gently control the flow of prana. Yin Pranayama – or Following the Ox for the Taoists – and Yang Pranayama – Pushing the Plough – are the sweet basis of much to come.

Please feel free to share how you’re getting on, your pleasures and struggles or anything else you want us to know by tagging @TheFatYogis using #TFYHomeRetreat