The Home Retreat

A carefully curated weekend of yoga joy in your own home. For free.

January 7-9, 2022

As this year comes to an end, with all its challenges – and those weren’t few – we would like to invite you to calm down and go within. Much is shifting and changing all the time, and our capacity for resilience and adaptation is fundamental. When everything outside of us is uncertain, we need to find the calmness and stillness than can only be experienced inside.

As always, we would love to offer you something to help you reconnect and heal. Since we cannot offer you a retreat in a wonderful, warm, peaceful location, we are here to help make your home this place for tree days.

We have curated this program using the same principles we follow when creating our TFY retreats:

  • Guided chakra meditations 
  • Delicious, invigorating, dynamic classes for the mornings
  • A couple of inspiring lectures to deepen your practice
  • Nourishing and relaxing yin practices in the evening

It’s all for free, 100%, no strings attached. Even if you are not a The Fat Yogis member you are welcome to join the full program, for free. 

Please fill in the form to book your spot 🙂

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