Online workshop – Sinew Meridians & Myofascial Release

Sunday 21st of June 2020, 13.00-16.00 CET

One of the beautiful functional yoga sutras Paul Grilley wrote is: “the purpose of yoga asana is to harmonise the flow of Qi in our body”.

It’s an interesting question: what is Qi and where and how does Qi flow? I believe that Qi flows through the meridians, and immediately there is another question: what then are Meridians? According to Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama Meridians run through the Fascia of the body, so a third question arises: “ what the heck is fascia”?

In this workshop we will look into fascia, the meridian system, the different kinds of Qi, and how to let Qi flow freely through the body!

Myofascial Release or Trigger Point Therapy is a technique used by massage and physiotherapist to release trigger points or Ashi points in (traditional) Chinese medicine.
It’s an easy technique you can use on yourself with the help of tennis balls or a foam roller. In the practical part of this workshop we will use Ashi (trigger) point AND acupressure point to treat the body, alternated with Yin yoga stretches.

For the practice you’ll need a tennis ball and/or a foam roller.

The workshop will be broadcast live via Zoom. You will receive a mail with the link a few hours before the event.

We will make a recording of the workshop available (for those who purchased) approximately 24 hrs after the live broadcast for a period of a week.

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