Day Two: Sunday


Total time: about 85 minutes

(including some time to relax and reflect in between)

We start this day of the Home Retreat with a simple chakra meditation led with love by Anat. We then dive into the unknown with Marcels Surprise class 3 and top this morning off with an inspiring talk from Marcel about our patterns of behaviour.

8:30 Simple Chakra Meditation (25 min)

We use a very simple technique to practice Nyasa meditation – placing awareness on each of the chakras using gentle breathing, and then spending a few moments just feeling the effects. There is nothing fancy here, and I find this very effective to awaken sensitivity and consciousness in the whole spine.

10.00 Surprise Class 3 (50 min)

Get ready to sweat a little but most of all have fun!

11.00 Samskaras: Patterns of Behaviour (10 min)

We all have samskaras, or patterns of behaviour, stored in our chakras or we developed them in this lifetime. Samskaras can be bad or good, however they will influence our lives. During meditation you can ‘discover’ certain samskaras and work on changing them. Another thing is to develop a good samskara to change bad ones, for example: getting in a pattern of meditation. Or doing something so you don’t react so much to things anymore. Getting into a pattern of doing something good for the world. Whatever it is, at one point you will do it without thinking about it anymore. It is a behavior now! Good luck.


Total time: 60 minutes

To complete the day (and the Home Retreat) we’ll start with an exclusive Yin class to get some relaxation in right before the week starts. We finish with a final Chakra meditation that allows you to explore and change according to your personal needs.

17:00 Replenishing Yin (40 min)

Moving the energies of the kidneys and the heart can deeply affect our overall inner state, especially when we feel tired and depleted somehow. Chest openers, hamstring stretches, shoulder stretches and twists, all deliciously yin to allow for a deeper rebound.

17:40 Gentle Chakra Meditation (20 min)

This is a gentle way to start developing awareness in the chakras, using Nyasa, the technique of going through all the chakras with our attention, calmly and slowly. Great for mornings, afternoons and evenings!